I'm Hunter

Im the person who is super stoked if you bring your dog to the session & cant wait to try your wedding cake.

You have frames on the walls ready to be filled. You want them to be filled with your personality & channel joy. So that's where I jump in! We will move, explore and I will help orchestrate that perfect day or session so all you have to worry about is the person you are there with.

I cant wait to take you on a fun, candid style session in the heart of the Midwest-Illinois.

I am a huge outdoor lover, and my sessions and weddings typically channel that love of nature! I am always planning my next trip away. You'll catch me in Florida often- because I cant seem to shake the southern girl in me. Ive hopped around and lived in several different places in the south all while I was newly married and going to college. I am so dang blessed with my sweet little family and LOTS of pets! - So definitely don't hesitate to bring your furry ones to sessions! I adore my job- I mean- I would honestly plan your whole wedding for you if you let me! Let me whisk you away to a perfect location with your love where it feels more like a date than a session, wrangle a set of dogs, and romanticize everyday life.

Hey, Hey! This is us the Lang's

Enjoy the multitude of pictures of us. Pretty excited to show off the ones I love. These moments are real and I take everything I experience & use it to make sure I can serve you in the best possible way. I cant wait to get to know you.

Much Love, Hunter